Lighthouse Kids Company x GreenPath Baby Exclusive

August 10, 2018

Summer is officially here and to celebrate we are kicking off LKC's Exclusive Passport Summer Series! We've teamed up with some of our retailers to bring you the coolest store exclusives!

First up - GreenPath Baby.

If you've been following Lighthouse Kids Company for a little while you know that GreenPath Baby is LKC's sister store. LKC was invented out of a need to bring our store customers unique diapers that really fit their needs. An easy to use All-In-One cloth diaper with a stay-dry option as well as a bamboo or wet side for potty training.

There are two diapers in this collection, one is named Funfetti, and the other is Red White and Bloom. We wanted to celebrate the fun and the beauty of the Fourth of July holiday, so we decided these diapers would be just the ticket! Check them out!


Funfetti is a gender neutral fun print with patriotic confetti "raining" down the diaper. Filled with little stars, this print is sweet and fun for both genders!

Red White and Bloom

A beautiful Fourth of July Bouquet for all of the moms who are obsessed with Florals. Gorgeous red and blue blooms adorn a super gorgeous floral print.

GreenPath Baby Exclusive Lighthouse Kids Company

Both prints are so super cute for summer and little patriotic babies! We love the swim diapers for summer as well! Perfect to pair with your Fourth of July baby outfits!

Photo by Jennifer Hawkins

Red White and Bloom and Funfetti will release on 6/7/2018 12:00pm EST (noon) at GreenPath Baby only!



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