Lighthouse Diapers Review

I cannot profess to be a cloth diaper expert. I had a desire to do better for the environment (the cute little fluff bum photos didn’t hurt either) and did some online research while pregnant. A week or so later I stumbled upon GreenPath Baby(which, happily, is quite local to me) and Vanessa with her wealth of knowledge. If I hadn’t already been leaning towards cloth I would have been after our conversation. As it was I left a convert, with plans to attend a cloth diapering class hosted at the store once my little one arrived. When we began cloth there was a bit of trial and error, as with any new thing (let’s be honest, there was tons of trial and error- getting a good fit on a squirmy baby is not an easy thing!), but we pushed through (with some hands on help during visits to GreenPath), and narrowed down to our favorite brands.  Bamboo inserts, trim fit, cute patterns! What else could I ask for? Lighthouse Diapers. That’s what else.

Lighthouse Kids Diapers

An All in One diaper that has become our new favorite. Initially I loved removable inserts, but I was spending way too much time snapping them in and using my diapers as All in One anyhow. Lighthouse inserts are attached. They also give me the option of bamboo on one side or a stay dry microfiber on the other, no extra purchase needed. The diaper somehow manages to fit my son as if it was made specifically for his little bum. His very active little bum! We only have one and he knows the moment he is wearing it. He moves twice as much in the Lighthouse Diaper, standing, sitting, crawling.

Getting photos that aren’t blurry is not an easy feat as he is constantly on the go. The elastics have managed to be nice and snug without being so tight that he is left with deep marks. Barely little “sock marks” when the diaper comes off. And the best part is that we may finally be ending the use of disposable diapers at night!  We have tried five different cloth brands at night and each one either leaks, is uncomfortable enough to wake my son, or leaves deep red marks that don’t fade away same day. These new diapers have graced his bum twice now (that’s right, I did diaper laundry two days in a row just to use the diaper again!) and haven’t had marks, leaks, or a fussy baby! I’m not getting paid here. I bought the diaper when I heard that the wonderful cloth-loving owner of my local shop had made her own line. I wanted to support her and give a new brand a try. With her knowledge of cloth they had to be pretty good. I expected to like them and just add them to my current rotation (because enough is not a word we use with cloth). I wasn’t expecting to want to replace my current stash, and I definitely was not expecting my husband to be on board!

Lighthouse Diapers Review

Vanessa used her extensive cloth knowledge and came up with an adorable little diaper that allows a freedom of movement in the hips (and a cushy landing place for falls) that is perfect for my little guy. I can’t wait to see (and buy) what other patterns she comes out with later this year. Like I said – I’m no cloth expert, just a mom who found something that works perfectly for her little one. So if I gush a bit… Sorry not sorry.


Written by Nicole Kay

Cloth Diapering Mama of One