Be The Light Project

Lighthouse Kids Company is a small business that wants to leave the world better than we found it. Through cloth-diapering, waste reduction and adopting natural parenting lifestyle habits at home, we believe that every family can have a positive impact on this planet.   With Lighthouse Kids Company cloth diapers, you can feel confident that the process of diapering your baby will be an easy one!

We have meticulously designed our reusable diapers with parents in mind so they are simple and user-friendly. Our goal at LKC is for new and experienced parents across the globe - no matter where they live, to know what it feels like to use a diaper comfortably without having to worry about leaks or blowouts.

Making diapers easy to use is not our only goal. As a company, we work with trusted community partners and pass on the love of environment to families in need too! 

This is why Lighthouse Kids Company has partnered up with Jake's Network of Hope to provide cloth diapers for families who cannot afford them.  We have also partnered up in raising funds for other causes near and dear our hearts.

We believe in making an impact through cloth diapering while also fulfilling the needs of our parenting community all around America!  Below is a list of all of the charity work Lighthouse Kids Company has been involved in since 2018.



September 2021

Donated shoes, all-in-one cloth diapers, cloth diaper shells and inserts to families in need through Jake's Network of hope. 

 Let's talk about the #bethelight project.  Did you know that 1 in 3 families in the United States struggles with diaper need?  That's why we partnered with Jake's Network of Hope to provide families in need with shoes, cloth diapers, and all of the other goodies that Lightouse Kids Company sells.  We are so happy to be able to give back to the community that's given so much to us. 

December 2020

LKC worked with Jake's Network of hope to be a partner in giving, see video here.

Giving Tuesday and Jake's Network.  We decided to partner with Jake's Diapers to donate to families that are choosing between food and diapers.  Jake's Diapers is able to place cloth diapers in the hands of families that have the greatest need.  That's why they were our chosen charity for Giving Tuesday 2020.


June 2020

Portion of profits donated to to support Black Women Entrepreneurs.  LKC decided to donate to Black Girl Ventures to Support our community of women entrepreneurs.  This was donated to this charity as part of the launch of our Aloha Dreams Collection that released on 6/12/20.


May 2020

Circle of Change Giveaway and video, watch here.  Giveaway donation to raise funds for Jake's Network of Hope.


January 2020

Donation to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center through the sale of our Loggerhead diaper.


September 2019

$484.80 Donation to All Hands and Hearts Response team to Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts.  This hurricane affected many members of our local cloth diapering community.  Since we are located in Jupiter, FL we are only 213 miles away from the Bahamas.  We felt it was necessary to help members of our local community with an Amazon supply drive as well as a donation to the All Hands and Hearts response which helped families in the Bahamas direcly.



May 2019

Beautiful Bums Feature, read it here.


March 2019

Our first donation to Jake's Network of Hope, worth over $3,000 in diapers and accessories. 

Lighthouse Kids Company Cloth Diaper Cloth Nappy Donation


October 2018

Donation to Feeding America to help with Families struggling to afford food.


April 2018

Portion of profits from the Iridescent Release donated to NILMDTS to help parents with infant loss.