All-In-One Cloth Diaper with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ)

Why Choose

All-In-One Diapers?

AIO cloth diapers are convenient and simple! The inserts are already attached to the diaper shell so there is no stuffing, no extra pieces to deal with.

Simply put them on baby and go! Just like a disposable diaper that you wash and reuse!

AIO Cloth Diaper FAQs

Do AIO diapers come with the inserts?

Yes, the inserts on the All In One cloth diaper are attached at the top of the back of the diaper. All AIOs contain inserts.

How Do you Wash AIO Cloth Diapers?

You can wash your reusable AIO diapers by following these simple cloth diaper washing instructions.

Which Cloth Diaper Size Should I Choose?

Size 1 (6-32lbs)

  • Best if starting to cloth diaper from newborn stage.
  • Best for tall, lean, or skinny babies.
  • Best for babies with thin legs.
  • Fits longer than newborn diapers, up to 32lbs.

Size 2 (15-55lbs)

  • Best for chunky or big babies.
  • Great for parents who don't want to start cloth diapering at a young age.
  • Great for toddlers or heavy wetters.
  • Best for kids with special needs.
AIO vs Pockets Diapers vs Covers, Which is Better for Me?

All In One Cloth Diapers

Pros: AIO diapers are designed to be user-friendly and convenient.

They are very similar to disposable diapers, making them a popular with caregivers who may not be familiar with cloth diapering as well as busy parents.

Added bonus, easier laundry because there is no stuffing, it ready to use right out of the dryer.

Cons: All-In-One diapers are pricier than pockets or covers because they are a complete system, no need to add anything else, just use, wash, repeat.

Some say AIOs take longer to dry, however LKC Award Winning AIOs dry 5x faster than traditional All-In-Ones.

The Takeaway: Best for busy parents, children who attend daycare, or parents who don't like to fold laundry.

Pocket Cloth Diapers

Pros: Pocket diapers feature a pocket opening between the waterproof outer layer and the inner athletic wicking jersey lining.

This pocket allows you to customize the absorbency of the diaper by stuffing inserts or boosters into the pocket opening.

You can adjust the diaper's absorbency for different situations such as daytime or nighttime use.

Cons: Takes longer to stuff after laundering since you have two pieces, the outer shell and the inserts.

This can add a lot of time to your wash routine. Pockets are not recommended for busy parents.

The Takeaway: Best for parents who want to customize absorbency for their children.

Cover AI2 Cloth Diapers

Pros: Covers are generally more cost-effective compared to all-in-one or pocket diapers.

Since the cover itself is reusable and wipeable, you only need to change the inserts when they become soiled.

This means you can buy less covers and more inserts, which can be a more affordable option in the long run.

They can be used with a variety of inserts such as prefolds, flats, or fitteds. This allows you to adjust the absorbency level based on your baby's specific needs.

Cons: Since Cover diapers require separate inserts, this can be an additional step during diaper changes. When it comes to laundering, you will run into the same issue as pockets, which means you will have to reassemble the diaper before putting it on baby which requires an additional step.

The Takeaway: Best for parents on a budget, or for parents who like to replace the insert and wipe the cover to reuse. Most similar system to "plastic pants" diapers of the past.

60-Day Worry-Free Warranty

All LKC cloth diapers come with a 60 day manufacturer's warranty so you can diaper with confidence.Learn more.

Bookfold insert and

The Original Athletic Wicking Jersey Diaper

The LKC AIO is the first Athletic Wicking Jersey cloth diaper in the US! AWJ keeps baby cool, paired with our Bookfold insert this reusable has everything you need.

Flip the insert to keep baby dry at night or for naps. For older babies, you can flip the insert to the wet side for help with potty training.