Let's chat about washing dirty cloth diapers in cold water.  One of our friends on TikTok posed this question:  "Is it possible to wash cloth diapers in cold water"?  This is a very tricky question because in regular washing routine there are 5 things that are needed to get cloth diapers really clean, they are as follows:

  1. Water
  2. Detergent
  3. Agitation
  4. Time
  5. Heat

If even one of those factors are not present in your cloth diaper wash routine, you may experience issues such as ammonia burns, or the dreaded barnyard smell.

In the case that you are actually missing any one of the parts above, you need to make up for it by adding more of the parts that you DO have, for example:  In the case of cold water washing, our TikTok friend is missing Heat.  So, in order for her to get her diapers clean, she needs to add more the other factors such as water, detergent, agitation, and time.

In countries outside of the US, hot water may not be the standard and parents who cloth diaper there have had success washing their cloth diapers in cold water.  

We also recommend that if you decide to wash your cloth diapers in cold water that you use "Cold Water" detergent formulation to aid in you cloth diaper washing process.