The Highest Quality

Cloth diapers for every family

Award Winning Cloth Diapers made with premium materials and beautiful designs. LKC is committed to making reusable baby products that are kinder to the earth and gentle enough for the youngest babes.

The Lighthouse Kids Co. Family

About Us

Lighthouse Kids Co. is a small family-run business located in Iowa City. We have helped thousands of families cloth diaper successfully since 2017.

Our prints are designed by our founder Vanessa Tomchik, a painter and surface designer. Passionate about art and function, our mission is to make LKC the most beautiful, safest, highest-quality reusable diaper on the market. From our family to yours.

All In the Family

Cloth Diapers and Our Vision

Everything you discover at LKC is made with the highest quality sustainability standards in mind. Our focus on families means every product has been tested for safety.

We understand the value of those initial months and years. That's why our cloth diapers, bamboo baby pjs, and diapering accessories are made to last. This way, you can enjoy these magical beginnings with your baby.