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Cloth Diaper Inserts and Absorbency

Cloth Diaper Inserts and Absorbency

No matter what kind of cloth diaper you use, you'll need to add a diaper insert to soak up liquids.  If you have an all-in-one diaper (AIO), the insert is already attached.  But if you use a pocket diaper or cloth diaper cover, you have to add a cloth diaper insert.

At Lighthouse Kids Co. all of our inserts are safe to touch baby's bottom and are made from the highest quality materials like OEKO-Tex® Certified bamboo and cotton.  We also have pre-flats and snap inserts for your diaper covers. These inserts have a special Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) lining to keep the baby dry and make it easy to clean off any mess.

All Lighthouse Kids inserts have two sides – one side stays dry for nighttime or naps, and the other side helps with potty training.  Simply flip the insert to use the side you want!

Types of Cloth Diaper Inserts

Bamboo and Cotton Knit

  • Our Bamboo inserts are made from 80% bamboo and 20% cotton knit.  They are extremely soft, even through years of washing.
  • The top layer of our Bookfold Bamboo insert contains cloud-soft fleece to keep the baby extremely dry and cozy, making naps and nights comfortable.