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Lighthouse Kids Company Cloth Diapers was voted the "Top Choice" for cloth diapers in 2021 by Baby Maternity Magazine for our Signature AIO Cloth Diaper. In October, we received the 2021 National Parenting Product Awards for our Switch AI2 Cloth Diaper, In November, we were awarded the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. Here is what our reviewers had to say!

“This diaper has a really adorable design, I like that it is unisex and that it has several snaps across the front that allow you to easily adjust depending on the size of your baby. It is also super soft.”

“(LKC) Has thought out a lot of the details. It is sturdy and well made.”

Shop Award Winning Cloth Diapers
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In the United States alone, 20 BILLION disposable diapers end up in our landfills. Polluting our cities and our waterways. But YOU can be the change. By cloth diapering with LKC, even part-time, you can make an impact. Giving our babies a chance for a better tomorrow. Discover how you can #BETHELIGHT

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