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I Love the 90's

Releases 6/28/19 at 12:00 (noon) EST
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Paleo Night

Releases 6/28/19 at 12:00om (noon) EST


I'm a mom
I'm an Artist

The Artist Bag - Not too big, not too small, versatile for all of life's adventures

Impactful Parenting

LKC is proud to be a company on the forefront of impactful parenting.  As a woman, minority owned small business, we understand that we are small but mighty, and we can be the change.  Our mission is to share our premium brand of baby products that are simple to use and beautifully designed.  We create amazing products with the smallest footprint possible.  All Lighthouse Kids Company products are made with change in mind.  We want to leave this world a little better than when we found it.

🖤 Love, Lighthouse Kids Co.

New release
Unity Vintage
Our Fourth of July Exclusive, perfect for summer.
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New Release
Our Fourth of July Solid. A True patriotic red!
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New Release
Sea to Shining Sea
Our Fourth of July Solid. A gorgeous true Cobalt blue!
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The Artist Bag

Switch from day to night.  A fashionable mid-size bag that can carry your baby + mom essentials.  Choose from crossbody or backpack.  Your bag, your way.

The Artist Bag.

Every day, everywhere.