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Unbeatable Diaper Deals for Eco-Conscious Parents

Parents, get ready to wrap your little ones in sustainability without breaking the bank with Lighthouse Kids' exclusive sale event on high-quality, eco-friendly cloth diapers. This limited-time offer lets you choose from a variety of designs that are not only gentle on your baby's skin but also on our planet.

This sales extravaganza is brimming with not-to-miss savings on award-winning diapers that are PFAS-free and crafted from recycled materials. Imagine the delight in knowing that each diaper change not only keeps your child comfy and dry but also contributes to a greener future.

Why PFAS-Free Diapers Matter for Your Baby and the Planet

Choosing PFAS-free products is crucial for your baby’s health as these chemicals are linked to various health issues. Diapers free from PFAS also mean fewer pollutants in our environment, leading to cleaner water and soil for generations to come. When you choose products from Lighthouse Kids, you're opting for a safer, healthier future for your little one and the planet.

Splash into Savings with Reusable Swim Diapers

Wave goodbye to disposable swim diapers and hello to our reusable swim diapers lighthouse kids co. eco-friendliness with recycled fabrics and reusable design. Also, take advantage of huge savings and sustainability by pairing it with out medium wet bags. You can use these for everything! Amazing construction for your little swimmer's aquatic adventures.

Sustainable Comfort: Pre-flat & All-in-Two Diapers

If you haven't tried this new gem in the world of cloth diapering with the our preflat cloth diapers, you're missing out! Designed for customizable absorbency and fit, along with our sale cloth diaper covers for eco-minded parents seeking versatility and style. These diapering solutions redefine sustainability and offer unparalleled comfort for your baby.

Incorporating pre-flat and all-in-two diapers into your routine isn't just a lifestyle choice; it's an investment in your baby's comfort and the health of our planet. Their reusable nature cuts down on waste, and the gentle materials coddle your baby's skin in softness.

Leak-Proof and Blowout Proof: The Quality Promise

Lighthouse Kids' diapers are engineered to offer you a worry-free experience with their leak-proof and blowout-proof features. Rest assured, with these diapers, your little one is in for cozy, dry days and nights, leaving you with one less thing to fret over.

Shop the Sale: Must-Have Diapers at Incredible Prices

Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Seize the moment and stock up on eco-friendly diapers from our Sustainable Baby Products, Spring Cloth Diapers, Preflat Cloth Diapers, and Reusable Swim Diapers collections. The affordability of these diapers on sale means you can embrace sustainable living without compromise.

CLEARANCE - 6-Layer Bamboo Cloth Diaper Snap-In Insert - For Covers

Sold out

CLEARANCE - Cloth Diaper Snap-In Insert - Butterfly

Sold out
Lighthouse Kids Co. cloth diaper covers, AI2 diaper have leg gussets to keep messes contained. Voted best cloth diaper brand for AI2 cover diapers. Small mom-run business in Iowa City, IA

CLEARANCE - Cloth Diaper Cover - AIl-In-Two - Strawberries and Cream

Sold out

Conclusion: Commitment to Your Child's Future

Lighthouse Kids is grounded in the promise of a better tomorrow through sustainable, safe, and comfortable diapering options. We pour our heart and dedication into each product, ensuring that your choice benefits your child and the earth alike.

Don't wait to make a positive change. Join the Lighthouse Kids family during this sale event and be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly diapering experience.

Vanessa Tomchik owner Lighthouse Kids Co. Award Winning cloth diaper brand.


Vanessa T.

Vanessa is a proud mama of two baby boys who were of course cloth diapered! Vanessa has helped thousands of parents cloth diaper since 2012. She was a cloth diaper leader educator through the RDIA, and helped parents navigate eco-friendly diapering through her cloth diaper brick and mortar store. In 2017, Vanessa started Lighthouse Kids Co. through feedback from parents in her weekly cloth diaper 101 classes who wanted an easy to use stay-dry cloth diaper with natural fibers. Since then, LKC has sold millions of quality cloth diapers in the US and abroad. Vanessa believes in cloth diaper advocacy and education and that every parent can cloth diaper sustainably.

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