LKC Tag-Cycle Program

Part of LKC's commitment is to reduce our overall packaging waste.  We all that one of the easiest ways to reduce waste ♻️ is simply by reusing.  We are proud to introduce our LKC Tag-Cycle Program!

This is an amazing program that allows you to save your tags, mail them back to us in good reusable condition and get a credit for your postage cost!  Credit can be used towards anything in the LKC store!  It's so simple!  Just follow these simple steps to help the environment, and you pocket book!

♼ Step 1

Make sure you have 6 tags minimum, and your tags are in reusable condition (no rips or folds, can be reused as new).

♼ Step 2

Fill out this form entirely!

♼ Step 3

Mail in your tags to: Lighthouse Kids Company, PO BOX 8534, Jupiter, FL 33468.  Send a copy of the mailing receipt (showing what you paid for mailing the tags back) to

♼ Step 4

Receive a discount code right in your inbox for the amount of postage you paid via email.

♼ Step 5

Use your credit towards any item in on  Happy Shopping!


I love that we can all do our part to help the earth!  Lighthouse Kids Company is all about healthy baby, happy moms, and healthy planet!  We are so excited to do our part in helping in every way we can to live sustainably!  For more on our sustainable vision for 2020, check out this post!