Summer Exclusive Passport

Summer Exclusive Passport

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CLUE #2:  Yarg!  You be a good treasure hunter matey!  Every time I travel around I like to see the bee-utiful scenes, I especially like to bee welcomed into their festivities!



Welcome all to LKC's Summer Exclusive Passport program! Enter for a chance to WIN a bundle of Lighthouse Kids Company! Collect a passport stamp from each retailer (we will let you know who when the time comes) and paste them to the passport below!

How to Download:

Simply drag to your desktop or just right click to "save as" and choose a folder!


First Exclusive Release

GreenPath Baby x Lighthouse Kids Company

Lighthouse Kids Company Red White and Bloom and Funfetti

Nicki's Diapers x Lighthouse Kids Company

Abby's Lane x Lighthouse Kids Company

Crunchy Rosie x Lighthouse Kids Company

The Crunchy Bean x Lighthouse Kids Company

Grand Prize Entry

(all receipts needed and will be verified if selected as winner)


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Second Prize Entry

(one receipt needed and will be verified if selected as winner)
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