The Lighthouse Diaper AIO - Lengthy Layer Story

The Lighthouse Diaper AIO - Lengthy Layer Story

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Have you ever wondered what makes Lighthouse Kids Company All-In-One diapers so darn absorbent? Lots of knit bamboo goodness provides excellent absorbency and bulk-free design. Our Bookfold©️ insert makes it easy to fold your diapers to customize the absorbency you need. All together, LKC inserts are able to hold approximately 12-16oz of liquid. Here is a breakdown of our absorbency.

The CUT insert:

In order to show you guys the whole picture we decided to cut (yes cut!) an AIO insert to show you exactly what's inside the LKC insert. From this picture you can see 3 layers. This is the breakdown. The top layer in this picture is the stay-dry fleece (which we do NOT count as an absorbency layer - though it actually does provide minimum absorbency). Each of the bamboo layered inside are what we consider 2-ply bamboo which are equivalent to two layers (each) of regular bamboo. Think of 2-ply toilet paper or paper towels. Same concept here. Though the layers are knitted together, they absorb the same as two individual single layers. We have two bamboo two-ply inserts thereby creating 4 layers of absorbency (Fleece not included).

Lighthouse Insert Cut Open


The FOLDED Insert:

The second part that is difficult to understand if you are a new cloth diapering parent is how the layers affect absorbency in the Bookfold©️ insert system. Because each layer is 2-ply, when the insert is folded into a book on top of one another, you have 8 layers of absorbency total. This is how most parents utilize our diapers.

Lighthouse Kids Double Insert

The TOTAL Layered Insert:

Now that you know how the insert works, here is what it looks like when it's double folded. We recommend the double fold on younger babes as it can be super bulky on older children. We also find that depending on how tall your baby's torso is, you may not have enough room to double fold.

Lighthouse Kids Company absorbency

If you fold the inserts this way, you have 16 layers total AND a 2-ply booster! That's a total of 18 layers. This is a lot of absorbency for most babies, especially since we recommend that you chance your baby every two hours to keep their skin healthy! This fold works particularly well for night time cloth diapering when you need that extra boost. Even if you are not able (because of height) to fold under like the picture above, you may be able to have the regular fold (second picture) with a booster. That is usually enough absorbency for 6 months to 2 years. Because LKC diapers are so trim, you can always add your favorite booster if you are in need of more absorbency.

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