Traveling with Cloth Diapers - A Modern Mom's Take

Traveling with Cloth Diapers - A Modern Mom's Take

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By Brooke K.

The key to any successful trip with children is simple: organization and alcohol.

Just kidding…well maybe. A fruity adult beverage is always helpful to enjoying oneself while away from home. But I digress…back to cloth diapering. Organization is everything! You are probably confident in your cloth diaper routine at home to be considering it on the road. That’s great! The best thing is to replicate the amazing system you have already but with a few travel-friendly tweaks.

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When considering cloth on the go, it’s important to think about time and space.

I’m not talking about anything Science Fiction related, just how long your trip is and will there be extra packing space for the diapers. If you are going to be gone a significant amount of time, where will you wash the diapers? If you like to live dangerously and are usually the type of person who asks for forgiveness instead of permission, I’d reconsider this time. Whether you are staying in a rental or with family, it’s best to check on the rules beforehand to avoid any drama. I think we all can attest that family vacations comes with enough drama of their own!

Besides the usual packing list containing everything except the kitchen sink, here are a few items you will want to remember:

  1. The Fluff - You want something easy to use and trim (cough, cough)... LKC diapers! Estimate how many changes you will need and grab a couple extra (for when the diapers are washing and just in case). Covers and prefolds/flats are also a great space saving option and are easy to hand wash in the event that you run short.
  2. Hanging wet bag
    1. Hanging wet bags are great for in a hotel/cabin/rental when you don’t have a diaper pail. Make sure you bring multiples or that it is large enough to fit all your dirty diapers form the trip. * I love to bring an extra for the kids to toss their dirty clothes into as well. It makes for easy unpacking and laundering when you get home.
  3. Small wet bag
    1. If you are planning on taking day trips, make sure to bring a smaller wet bag for the outings. You can dump this into the larger, hanging wet bag when you return and reuse the next day.
  4. Diaper-safe detergent (ignore if washing once you return home)
    1. Pre-measure and save yourself the stress of trying to figure out how much you need after a long day at the beach. Trust me.

Photo Credit: Brooke K.


  1. Small basket or container - Not necessary but helpful to keep everything diaper related organized while you are out. Here is the container we currently use in my son’s room and it fits great in the back of the car. I fold down the extra seat, lay down a changing mat and it’s like we are at home. You can bring this into the house/rental as well and everything is ready to go!
  2. Disposable liners - These are amazing! If you haven’t used these before, you simply flush away the solid waste and have a MUCH less stinky diaper to store in the wet bag.

For a plane ride, keep the packing light.

A wet bag with a few wipes, hand sanitizer, a toy (FYI pick one easy to clean in case it’s dropped), diaper cream and couple diapers should be plenty. I love the wet bags with two pockets so you can keep everything…organized! Are you tired of me saying that word yet? Traveling with cloth really is not very different from using them at home. Honestly, I usually travel with cloth because I know I won’t have to deal with nasty blow outs or rashes on my kiddos. The kids and hubby are already familiar with the process so it’s nothing new for them. If it’s something that sounds overwhelming, start with a small trip. An overnight stay to your in-laws or a long weekend at the beach are great ways to test the waters of traveling with cloth.

However, remember the point of a vacation is to relax and enjoy time away with your family. If cloth diapering hinders this goal; leave the fluff at home until your next trip. It’s ok! You are still an amazing mom. Mix yourself up an umbrella drink, sit back and soak in all the sun-kissed memories of your much needed vacation.


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Brooke K. is a busy momma to three beautiful blessings: 4 year old Smarty, 2 ½ year old Sassy and 8 month old Chunk. She has been married for almost 6 years to her high school sweetheart. She loves dark chocolate, Audrey Hepburn and watching “Friends” without anybody touching her.



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