Why We Use 100% Certified Bamboo

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Bamboo is the most sustainable crop in the world.  It grows and thrives with very little water, and once it's harvested for use, it grows back incredibly fast.  We chose to us OEKO-TEX Certified Bamboo fabric for our inserts (Certificate: SHKO 108862 - look up here). We want to make sure that no chemicals are left in our fabrics before production of our diapers, making LKC one of safest diapers in the market today.

Lighthouse Kids Company Insert

Why Did We Chose To Use Bamboo Knit

Lighthouse Kids Company Diapers were in development for 2 years before they were finally released into the market.  We tested various types of materials including cotton, bamboo terry, and bamboo knit.  We found that bamboo knit was a more supple fabric, soft to the touch, and held up to constant washing beautifully.

Bamboo knit is so strong because the fabric is made by interlocking individual fibers providing an exceptional smooth feel while keeping the fibers strong and supple through various washes.

Lighthouse Kids Company

Bamboo and Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper inserts can be made out of lots of different fabrics, including cotton, hemp, microfiber, and bamboo.

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that absorbs very well, however, microfiber was not an option for LKC diapers because we wanted to use natural fibers in case baby has a sensitivity to polyester based fabrics.  Microfiber is notorious for holding on to stink, as each individual fiber is shaped like a curl.  Once dirt gets on the fabric it is incredibly hard to restore it to its original state.

Cotton and hemp are amazing fabrics, however, cotton is not as absorbent as bamboo so in order to cloth diaper you would need lots of layers, causing the diaper to be bulky.  Hemp is great for cloth diapers however, Hemp is not as sustainable as bamboo and it tends to hold on to stink, which is an obvious detriment when cloth diapering.

The Proof

When shopping for cloth diapers, it's super important to make sure that you are checking whether the materials used in cloth diapers are actually safe for baby.  With Lighthouse Kids Company, we make sure that our diapers are not only certified by the CPSC by a stringent testing process, but we also use materials to make our bamboo diaper inserts are certified by agencies like OEKO-TEX (Certificate: SHKO 108862 - look up here).  This assures that every single batch is perfection because there are no holds barred when it comes to the safety of our babies.

Lighthouse Kids Company Diapers

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