How to Wash Cloth Diapers in 4 Easy Steps + Comprehensive Guide!

What do you do when you get brand new diapers?

Even new diapers need to be washed.  Before you use it, it's important to wash and dry at least once.  Most diapers are fully prepped to use after 5 full washes and dry cycles.  The more a diaper is washed, the more absorbent it gets.

For best results use hot water for the wash and cold water rinses (if an option on your washing machine). 

Washing soiled diapers

There are many different opinions on how to launder cloth diapers.  However, everyone's water type, machines and circumstances are different.  Keep this in mind when choosing a washing routine.  We recommend that you keep it as simple as possible.

  • Pre-wash with cold water - no detergent
  • 1 long/heavy duty cycle hot water wash with detergent (no more than 18 diapers)
  • 1 additional/final cold rinse
  • Dry on low in a tumble dryer, or hang to dry

This is the easy way! 


For storing your soiled diapers until laundry day we strongly recommend the use of a wet bag or a dry pail.  Keep it in a well ventilated area with low humidity.  Storing soiled diapers in a place like the garage will cause mold to grow on the diapers.

How do I handle and store soiled diapers?

  • Breastfeed poop is water soluble and as such can go directly into the wet bag until laundry day, no need to rinse.  
  • Solid formula or food poop will need to be sprayed with a diaper sprayer into the toilet, or you may choose to use LKC's disposable diaper liner which allows you to throw away the poop.
  • If you are scared of diaper 💩, watch the video below!


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