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All-In-One Cloth Diapers

The easiest, most award-winning AIO diaper in the US!

Lighthouse Kids Co. cloth diaper covers have leg gussets to keep messes contained.  Voted best cloth diaper brand for AI2 cover diapers.  Small mom-run business in Iowa City, IA

Superior Absorbency

Leak-free, blowout proof! Our natural fiber inserts are 4x more absorbent than other cloth diapers!

No More Rashes

Made with breathable cool mesh, which keeps baby rash free! PFAS, Lead, Phthalate, chlorine free.


Save over $2,700 by using LKC over disposables per baby!

Lighthouse Kids Co. recycled all-in-one cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ and Tummy Panel.  Small WAHM business in Iowa City, IA.
Lighthouse Kids Co. recycled all-in-one cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ and Tummy Panel.  Small WAHM business in Iowa City, IA.
Lighthouse Kids Co. recycled all-in-one cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ and Tummy Panel.  Small WAHM business in Iowa City, IA.
Lighthouse Kids Co. recycled all-in-one cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ and Tummy Panel.  Small WAHM business in Iowa City, IA.
Red Cloth Diaper All-In-One
Forest Cloth Diaper All-In-One
Lighthouse Kids Co. recycled pocket cloth diaper with Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ and Tummy Panel.  Cloth Diaper Cover.  Small WAHM business in Iowa City, IA.
Lighthouse Kids Co. recycled all-in-one cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ and Tummy Panel.  Small WAHM business in Iowa City, IA.
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Key Takeaways:  AIO Cloth Diapers are easy to use and perfect for a family that is struggling with time.  Because all of the diaper pieces are attached, there is no extra...

All In One (AIO) Cloth Diapers

All-In-One Cloth Diapers: The Ultimate Guide Easy Diapering


Table of Contents

Advantages of All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Caring for All-In-One Diapers

Understanding All-In-One Cloth Diapers

More parents are choosing eco-friendly parenting by using reusable diapers and other sustainable options.

AIO diapers have become increasingly popular among the different types available, thanks to their user-friendliness, convenience, and lesser environmental footprint. We'll discuss all-in-one cloth diapers, including their advantages and how to use and maintain them. This is why they are an excellent choice for both parents and the planet.

Considering cloth diapering? It's great to explore all alternatives before settling on a final choice when it comes to baby diapering products.

If you decide to have multiple children, diapering will be part of your daily journey for over 4 years! So it's worth investing time to weigh the pros and cons of each diapering method.

When I started cloth diapering, I made the personal choice to use all-in-one cloth diapers for my children. I will discuss the reasons choosing cloth diapers as well as why I chose AIOs.

I used cloth diapers for over four years for my babies and helped thousands of moms at my store. I am very happy with my decision to use cloth diapers for my family. I even cloth diapered two kids at the same time and it was easier than I thought!

Why All-in-Ones?

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper but how did I choose all-in-ones? The answer In one word is: simplicity.


All-in-one cloth diapers are the easiest type of diaper to use. After washing, there are no extra steps, it goes from the dryer to the baby's bum.

The diaper inserts are already attached, so there is no need to stuff, pin, or insert. When the diaper is dirty, simply throw it in the diaper pail and wash it again.

Understanding All-In-One Cloth Diapers

All-in-one diapers are a convenient option that combines the inner and outer layers into one diaper.

AIO diapers replace the use of disposable diapers while providing the advantages of recyclable, environmentally friendly materials. AIO reusable diapers are available in a multiple sizes to fit babies from newborns to toddlerhood.

Advantages of All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Environmental Impact

One of the biggest advantages of AIO cloth diapers is their positive impact on the environment and ease of use. Disposable diapers contribute to massive amounts of waste, taking hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. AIO cloth diapers allow for repeated use, which reduces waste.


Though cloth diapers need a bigger initial investment, they are more cost-effective over time. Utilizing the savings for multiple children greatly increases their amount. With proper care, all-in-one cloth diapers can last for years, no need for frequent diaper purchases.

Health Benefits

AIO cloth diapers are free from harmful chemicals often found in disposable diapers, such as chlorine, fragrances, and dyes. This helps reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies, keeping your baby comfortable and healthy.

Easy to Use

All-in-one cloth diapers are user-friendly and don't require separate inserts or covers. They usually come with easy-to-use snaps making them as handy as disposable diapers during diaper changing time.

All In One Cloth Diaper Fit

Custom Absorbency

You can adjust all-in-one diapers to fit your baby's needs. You can incorporate additional inserts or enhancers for those who wet heavily or for nighttime usage.

Understanding All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Prepping Your AIO Diapers: Before first use, wash your all-in-one cloth diapers multiple times to enhance their absorbency. Follow the diaper company's instructions for specific prepping guidelines.

Putting on an AIO Diaper: Lay your baby on a clean, flat surface and unfold the diaper. Adjust the rise settings to fit your baby's size, and fasten the diaper securely using snaps or hook-and-loop closures.

Changing and Cleaning: Change the AIO diaper every 2-3 hours or as needed. Remove any solid waste before storing the soiled diaper in a dry pail or wet bag until laundry day. Wash the AIO diapers with a suitable detergent according to the diaper company's instructions.

All In One Cloth Diaper AIO with athletic wicking Jersey AWJ

Pros and Cons of AIO cloth diapers


There are a number of advantages to choosing all-in-one cloth diapers.

  • Adorable prints and colors
  • Much less blow-outs than disposable diapers
  • Grows with baby
  • Saves money
  • More environmentally-friendly
  • No diaper rash!
  • Easy to use


There are some cons of course to selecting all-in-one cloth diapers.

  • Slightly more laundry - about 2 loads per week per child.
  • Up-front costs can deter some parents. TIP: Buy a few at a time!
  • Can be tricky to get used to if coming from disposable diapers.

Caring for All-In-One Cloth Diapers

Proper Washing Routine

Wash AIO diapers separately from other laundry using a cloth diaper-safe detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, or additives, as they can damage the diapers and reduce their absorbency.


AIO diapers can be air-dried or machine-dried on low heat. High heat can damage the waterproof layer and elastic, so it's essential to follow the diaper company's drying guidelines.

Stain Removal

If your AIO diapers develop stains, consider sunning them, as sunlight can naturally bleach out stains and freshen the fabric.

How To Wash All In One Diapers

Washing all-in-one cloth diapers is a crucial step in maintaining their absorbency, cleanliness, and longevity. Follow these simple steps to ensure your AIO diapers stay fresh and ready for reuse:

Prep Soiled Diapers

Before washing, remove any solid waste from the diaper. If you exclusively breastfeed your baby, you don't need to rinse the diapers because breast milk poop dissolves in water. For formula-fed or solid-fed babies, consider using a diaper sprayer or disposable liner to make waste removal easier.

Dry Pail or Wet Bag

Store the soiled diapers in a dry pail or a wet bag with a waterproof lining. Avoid soaking the diapers, as it can lead to the breakdown of the fabric and elastic over time.

Pre-Wash or Rinse

If your washing machine has a pre-wash cycle, use it to remove residue.

Select the Right Detergent:  Choose a cloth diaper-safe detergent without additives, enzymes, fabric softeners, or bleach. These additives can affect the diaper's absorbency and cause irritation to your baby's skin. Look for detergents that are free from fragrance and dyes.

Load Size:  It's essential not to overload your washing machine. Too many diapers can prevent proper agitation and lead to dirty diapers. Aim to fill the machine to around two-thirds of its capacity to allow the diapers to agitate freely.

Wash Cycle: Use a heavy-duty or regular wash cycle with warm water (not hot) to clean the diapers effectively. Avoid using hot water, as it can damage the waterproof layer and elastic over time. Check the diaper cloth diaper company's recommendation for the maximum water temperature recommended for their specific product.

Extra Rinse: Do an extra rinse to remove all leftover detergent from diapers. This can maintain the diapers' absorbency and prevent potential skin irritation.


After washing, you can line dry or use a low heat setting on your dryer. Avoiding high heat, which can damage the waterproof layer and elastic.

Avoid Fabric Softeners:  Never use fabric softeners or dryer sheets with cloth diapers. This can leave residue which can reduce absorbency and cause repelling.

Check for Stains:  After drying, check your AIO diapers for any remaining stains. If stains persist, consider sunning the diapers, as the sun's natural bleaching properties can help fade the stains.

All-in-one cloth diapers are a great selection for parents looking for an eco-friendly diapering alternative.

AIOs are user-friendly and are also great for the environment. Modern parents love the convenience of AIO modern cloth diapers.

All-in-one cloth diapers are a great comfortable option for your baby. There are no chemicals, and are earth friendly. Therefore, transition to all-in-one cloth diapers today and embark on the path of eco-friendly parenting.

All-In-One Cloth Diapers Final Tips

1. Don’t buy the newborn size AIOs if you can avoid it! Our Signature or Size 1 AIOs goes from 6-32lbs which means it fits much longer! Some babies don't even need to size up! They can wear the Size 1 diaper until they are potty trained!

2. Skip the velcro, go with the snaps. In theory, velcro on AIOs sound nice but they are very hard to wash, get caught on everything, and worst of all? Baby learns very quickly to take their diaper off!