Why You Should Cloth Diaper

What Impact will YOU have on your parenting journey?

When you're expecting, you spend all of this time obsessing over every little thing for the new arrival, making sure that everything is perfect, from the nursery bedding to the pediatrician.  But there's one thing new parents forget about, one which perhaps is the most important; the diaper that touches your baby's skin from the moment they arrive on this earth until they potty train, which takes approximately 2.5-3.5 years. ⁠

No Irritation or Chemicals on Baby

There is no such thing as a safe disposable diaper.  It's an impossibility (like jumbo shrimp!).  In order for a disposable diaper to absorb it has to contain those oh, so awesome chemical crystals, known as sodium polyacrylate.  Even diapers that market themselves as safe, made with wood pulp or bamboo pulp still contain chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate, Dioxin, frangrances, toulene, xylene, ethelbenzine, and dipentene among others.  This is important, because of the long-term exposure to these chemicals have not been adequately studied.  Sodium polyacrylate was removed from tampons in 1985 because of it's link to toxic shock syndrome.

Lighthouse Kids Co. diapers on the other hand, are made out of 100% OEKO-TEX Certified Bamboo, which means every single batch is tested for safety and absorbency by an American Testing Company.  No chemical treated fabrics or polymers are present in our diapers.  We take our commitment to the earth seriously, there are absolutely no shortcuts or compromises when it comes to diapering our babes.

Worried about the poop?

Don't be!  We've got some hacks for you.  Make sure you pick up some diaper liners to flush waste. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, congratulations! Just throw your diapers in the wash, no need to rinse.  Breast milk poop is 100% water soluble.



Do Cloth Diapers Leak?

One diaper can hold 13oz of liquid.  Because of our super thirsty Bamboo LUX™️ insert, LKC diapers have no leaks, no mess.  Our 3 elastic placement system (back, left and right) ensures that you get a snug fit every single time.  BONUS!  Because of our BOOKFOLD™️ Insert you have the option of keeping baby dry or wet depending on their potty training readiness.  Simply use the dry side for young babies, or the damp side for older babies that are ready to potty learn.


How Do I Wash Cloth Diapers?

Washing cloth diapers is extremely simple, follow these steps to get perfectly clean diapers every single time.

  1. Wash no more than 18 diapers at one time, fill wash basin with water to the very top.
  2. Pre-wash COLD no detergent.  (This is to get the stuck mess out of the diapers).
  3. Hot wash with detergent.  The hot wash disinfects cloth diapers and your washer.
  4. COLD Extra Rinse.  This gets rid of any left over detergent, use cold water to be extra earth-friendly!
  5. Dry by hanging or by using the dryer on low setting.  You may have to run more than one cycle depending on how efficient your dryer is.


Not recommended for Cloth Diapers

  • Any detergent that contain fragrances, whiteners/brightners, bleach.
  • Fabric softner sheets in the dryer can block the absorbency of your inserts.
  • "Baby" mainstream detergents are loaded with chemicals, chose a chemical-free alternative when possible.

Stuffing diapers

After those deliciously clean diapers come out of the wash, you can simply fold your LKC and place it directly into your diaper drawer.  Our diapers were designed to be easy to use, so there is no snapping or stuffing inserts back into the diapers, making this system extremely convenient for parents.  Once you have your stash, there is nothing else you need.  That same stash can diaper multiple kids, making it even more of a savings for your family.

Still have questions?

We are happy to chat at any time!  Contact us at support@lighthousekidscompany.com and we can answer any questions you may have!