The Lighthouse Kids Co. Story

Vanessa is the founder of Lighthouse Kids Co. She is a cloth diaper expert that has helped thousands of parents cloth diaper since 2012. She was a cloth diaper leader educator through the RDIA (Real Diaper Industry Association). She helped circle leaders and parents navigate eco-friendly diapering through her online and brick and mortar store in Palm Beach, FL.

In 2017, Vanessa started Lighthouse Kids Co. through feedback from parents in her weekly cloth diaper 101 classes who wanted an easy to use stay-dry cloth diaper with natural fibers.

Since then, LKC has sold millions of premium quality cloth diapers in the US and abroad.

What We Believe

At LKC we believe that all parents can diaper sustainably and easily. It just takes a little bit of practice and education. We are here to help you every step of the way. You can learn through our website, social media and helpful videos. If you need assistance with cloth diapers, you can reach us online 24/7 through our Cloth Diaper Facebook Group.

Safe Bamboo - OEKO-Tex

We prioritize ethical labor practices, ensuring our manufacturing partners receive fair wages and safe working conditions.

Additionally, all of our inserts are made with sustainably harvested bamboo, that's why every single insert we manufacture is OEKO-Tex Certified.

Babies wearing AIO cloth diapers all in one by lighthouse kids co.

Community Impact

Lighthouse Kids Co. partners with Jake's Network of Hope to provide cloth diapers and other diapering supplies to parents in need. We also donate financially on a monthly basis. LKC and Jake's Network of Hope have been partners since 2018! We are proud to privide families in need with the necessary supplies to diaper sustainably.

The LKC Story in Pictures

Lighthouse Kids Company First Store Selling Cloth Diapers
Lighthouse Kids Co. First store with baby cloth diapers
Lighthouse Kids Co First Store in Florida
Lighthouse Kids Retail Store 3
Lighthouse Kids Retail Store 4
Lighthouse Kids Co Cloth Diaper Store
Lighthouse Kids Co cloth Diaper Store Florida
Lighthouse Kids Co cloth diaper store
Lighthouse Kids Co store cloth diapers
Lighthouse Kids Cloth Diapers Store