Certification and Compliance

Lighthouse Kids Company Products are Ethically Made

Lighthouse Kids Company's manufacturing partner was selected based on the quality and safety of materials used for manufacturing, as well as fair working conditions and fair treatment of workers. All workers are given fair wages and work in a professional environment. Our manufacturing partner has been in the cloth diapering and children's manufacturing business for over 7 years.

  • Lighthouse Diapers are designed in West Palm Beach, Florida - USA and manufactured ethically and responsibly in China, meeting all of the Safety and Regulatory Compliance standards in the baby industry.
  • All of our designs and inserts are trademarked in the USA and in China.  We worked hard to make the perfect cloth diaper and we want to make sure you get the best product when it comes to your baby.
  • Our diapers are made in small batches and delivered approximately every 8-12 weeks to keep inventory fresh and avoid unnecessary waste in production.
  • Every product is minimally packaged.  We want to see overall waste reduction in our consumer products so each diaper, wet bag, swaddle includes a simple 100% recycled paper tag.

Lighthouse Kids Company is proud to be a CPSC compliant manufacturer. Our products are 3rd party tested by an American Company and returned zero heavy metal detection in our fabrics.  Please see our attached safety certificate, which includes the California Prop. 65 Phthalates test as well as the Washington/Maine Phthalates test.


Lighthouse Kids Company CPSIA Certificate of Compliance