LKC Has 5 Type of Cloth Diapers

Find out which one is right for you!

The Signature Cloth Diaper

Lighthouse Kids Company Signature Cloth Diaper

The Signature Cloth Diaper started it all!  This All-In-One cloth diaper is best if you are starting from the newborn stage and you would like a cloth diaper that is convenient, easy to use, and transitions from newborn cloth diaper to a one-size cloth diaper.

Why We Love the Signature Cloth Diaper:

  • Fits babies from 6-32lbs.
  • Moves with baby, our signature lightweight TPU feels softer than other cloth diapers and allow for more movement.
  • Wash once, no prepping required.
  • All-In-One diaper is easy to use-no stuffing!
  • Choose stay-dry side for babies 0-12 months and bamboo wet side for potty training, from 12 months+.
  • Perfect for daycare.
  • Short drying time.

 Here is an overview of the Signature Cloth Diaper