Pocket Cloth Diaper Size 1 Features

  • Available in two sizes, Signature (6-32lbs) or Supreme (15-55lbs). Signature Size is made for newborns and skinny tall babies. Supreme size is made for chunky babies or toddlers with special needs.
  • Waterproof outer shell made with recycled polyester.
    • Post-consumer, recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), made by recycling plastic water, soda bottles, and food containers.
  • Stretch Lux TPU® technology makes this cloth diaper incredibly stretchy, molds to baby's body.
    • Our Stretch Lux TPU® is heat bonded, and solvent free.
  • This process makes the LKC outer shell 4 times softer than the average cloth diaper. 
  • Inside, cloth diaper is lined with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) material to keep baby cool.
    • This material also sprays off any diaper messes very easily.
  • Made with durable KAM Snaps.
  • High hip snaps allows for maximum movement.
  • Cross over snaps means diaper gets really small on the waist for those little newborns!
  • Stretch Lux TPU® Tummy Panel wraps around baby snuggly and gently to prevent belly leaks.

pocket cloth diaper sizing

pocket cloth diaper size 1