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Meet the world's softest, safest, and most absorbent cloth diaper

Only the safest fabrics touch baby's skin

All of our ultra-soft bamboo inserts are made with OEKO-Tex® certified bamboo, no harmful chemicals ever! Keep baby comfy and leak free for 3-5 hours!

Baby wearing a cloth diaper, PFAS free. Washable Pocket cloth diaper with Athletic Wicking Jersey, AWJ.  Best Cloth Diaper Brand, Lighthouse Kids Co.
recycled & sustainable

Every LKC cloth diaper is made from post-consumer plastic waste. Not only are you reducing waste, but you're helping the earth by using recycled fabrics.

Cloth Diaper Cover Butterfly
Save over $2000 with LKC

Diaper changes as low as .08 cents per diaper! In this economy, cloth diapering is the way to go! Save money, skip the store and treat your baby to a chemical-free diapering experience.

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Pocket Cloth Diaper for baby boy blue color PFAS free.  Blueberry Diaper, newborn and toddler size.
Recycled Pocket Cloth Diaper Yellow for baby boys and girls.  Baby Shower Gift. Safe cloth diaper brand, lighthouse kids company diapers have no PFAS.
Recycled cloth diaper for baby boys and girls.   PFAS and Chlorine free.  Pocket cloth diaper coral color
Recycled Pocket Cloth Diaper Blue for baby boys and girls.  Safe cloth diaper brand, lighthouse kids company diapers have no PFAS. Cotton Diapers Cloth.
Pocket Cloth Diaper Spearmint
pocket cloth diaper cream
Green Cloth Diaper
Pocket Cloth Diaper Light Pink
All In One Cloth Diaper Green
All In One Cloth Diaper Dark Pink
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all in one cloth diaper coral reef
all in one cloth diaper

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We stand behind our products with a 60-day manufacturer's warranty

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All LKC orders are offset with Carbon Neutral shipping

Made to last

We only use top quality fabrics that are made to last through multiple babies

Cloth without compromise

Why Is LKC Better?

  • Recycled outer fabric - sustainable and stretchy!
  • Breathable Cool Mesh inner - less rashes!
  • Leak-free from 3-5 hrs!
  • 8-layer OEKO-Tex® certified super soft bamboo insert! No chemicals touch baby's bum!

Confused about cloth diapers? You probably imagine pins and rubber pants when you think of reusable diapers. There are so many options available for reusable diapers, but don't let that...