Who We Are

Lighthouse Kids Company Vanessa Tomchik

The Lighthouse Story

Lighthouse Kids Company is a minority owned, diverse, eco-friendly business.  LKC is owned by the Tomchik family, and was started in January 2017 by a mama who loves cloth diapers.  Originally from Brazil, Vanessa grew up enjoying nature, beaches, and the tropical landscape; her family immigrated to the United States in 1990.

Vanessa started her cloth diaper journey in 2009 when her newborn son had a severe diaper rash that would not clear up.  Intrigued by the idea of using natural products, Vanessa used her first-ever batch of cloth diapers on her son, within 48 hours the persistent rash was gone! 

Excited by the possibilities and environmental benefits that cloth diapers offer, Vanessa started GreenPath Baby in 2012, which was the first cloth diaper and natural parenting store in the tri-county Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade area.

While working at GreenPath Baby, the team noticed there was a lack of cloth easy to use AIO cloth diapers with a stay-dry layer and natural fibers.  Shortly thereafter LKC was born.

Every diaper and accessory has been meticulously designed in-house to ensure the best quality, ease of use, and efficacy.


Our Education

Vanessa is a graduate of the University of Florida, New World School of the Arts.  She holds a baccalaureate degree in Painting and Creative Photography and a minor in Art History.  Vanessa was the Valedictorian of the New World School of the Arts Graduating Class of 2007. 

Vanessa also attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX  for a MBA program specializing in General Business Administration from 2008-2009.

Seth Tomchik is the co-owner of Lighthouse Kids Company and has a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Miami.


Our Team

Lighthouse Kids Company believes in the integrity of their employees and the community they serve.  All of LKC's employees bring something amazing to the table, and are encouraged to contribute not only to LKC but to our community as well!

  • Vanessa Tomchik - Owner, visionary, artist in charge, and maker of messes.
  • Seth Tomchik - Owner, financial guru, and forecasting specialist.
  • Melissa Lichter - Operations Manager, organizer of all things, social media


Being part of the Art Community ourselves, we work with the best photographers who are also mamas and part of our natural community.

Lighthouse kids Company Photographer Melissa Gritter Photo

Melissa Gritter

Melissa Gritter is a published photographer and the owner of Melissa Gritter Photo.  Melissa specializes in natural, outdoor photography and painting with light.  Melissa is currently Lighthouse Kids Company's Head Photographer, she is also a mama to two beautiful kiddos and lives in Jupiter, FL.

Melissa Gritter Photo Facebook Page Lighthouse Kids Company Photographer@melissagritterphoto   Melissa Gritter Photo Instagram @melissagritterphoto


Jenna Mason Photographer Lighthouse Kids Company

Jenna Mason

Jenna Mason is the owner of Jenna Mason Photography.  Jenna is an LKC Photography Ambassador.   Jenna knows what she's meant to do with her life. And that is capturing the moments people never want to forget.  She currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Melissa Gritter Photo Facebook Page Lighthouse Kids Company Photographer@jennamasonphotography   Melissa Gritter Photo Instagram @jennamasonphotography


 Our Mission

Our mission is to leave this world a little better than when we found it.  Through cloth diapering, waste reduction and adopting a natural parenting lifestyle, we believe each family can have an impact. 

A little light goes a long way.  We live by the principles of sharing the light in our lives with others - JOHN 8:12.

We also believe in giving back in the United States and abroad.  LKC partners with Jake's Diapers to provide cloth diapers to families in need.  We provide them with cloth diapers and accessories to distribute diapers to families that cannot afford them.

Jake's Diapers