3 Reasons Why You NEED Date Nights

3 Reasons Why You NEED Date Nights

Posted by Vanessa Tomchik on

3 Reasons Why You Need Date Night

Before you're married, everything is fresh and fun.  I remember having fun with my husband just doing things together like driving around for no reason.  Sitting at the beach at night with no purpose other than to "hang out".  As our relationship matured, I noticed that the everyday routine of being married, dealing with kids, work and household responsibilities became our norm.  We no longer "hung out" just for the sake of being in each other's presence.  Mostly because there seemed to be no time for anything but the immediate.  I remembered that Melissa from Melissa Gritter Photo (AKA my little sis) insists on having Date Nights with her husband, so I asked her why this was so important to her and why she thinks every mom can benefit from this weekly ritual.  Here is what she had to say;

"In our home, it is absolutely essential that we have Date Nights every Friday.  We only miss our Date Nights if there is something out of the ordinary going on like someone is sick.  Here are the three main reasons why we LOVE Date Nights at our house."

Break From The Routine

"It's absolutely necessary to take a break from the mundane routines and the constant chaos.  Life with little kids can be really stressful.  We need at least a few hours a week where we don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning or getting the kids to bed.  It resets us as a couple and reminds us why we chose to have a family in the first place."

We Need Adult Time

"Friday Night is adult time, where we can talk about anything we want.  We can decompress, plan trips, and enjoy each other's company.  It's like going back to the time when our needs as a couple came before others' needs."

Doing What You Love

"My husband and I are big foodies.  We absolutely love eating and drinking and discovering new and exciting places.  We love to try out different cuisines and menus.  Even when we find a place we don't necessarily love, we still have an amazing time getting out of our comfort zone and trying something new.  It invigorates us and gives us energy for the new week."

Thank you Melissa for sharing these nuggets of wisdom with us.

Little changes in our day to day routines especially with our spouses can make a huge difference in our mood and happiness.  Maybe implementing Date Night can give your relationship that little boost.  It's important to find ways to reconnect with your spouse in a non-parent role.

Do you make Date Nights a priority in your home?

-With Love and Light, Vanessa

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