Warp & Weft Release + BONUS Downloads!

Warp & Weft Release + BONUS Downloads!

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I am so excited to introduce you to this collection.  Warp & Weft has been a little secret in our staff's heart for quite some time now.  We wanted these two prints to be part of our EDGE Collection.  Our last EDGE collection included Black Lightning and Goldie, both of which sold out in record time and continues to be a fan favorite!  For this collection, we played with the idea of two prints in one, of dichotomy and duality.  We love how each print is both a part of one another and also different from one another.  The tabs on the diapers bring the back forward making the print contiguous from front to back.


LKC Weft Front AIO OSLKC Weft AIO OS Back

Weft Medium Wet BagWeft Small Wet Bag

Warp Medium Wet BagWarp Small Wet Bag

Release Date and Time:

All products will release on Tuesday 10/29/19 at 12:00pm (noon) EST at lighthousekidscompany.com as well as all participating retailers.


Lighthouse Kids Company EDGE Collection - Warp and Weft

Product Availability:

The following products will be available for this release:

  • AIO OS Diapers (Warp & Weft)
  • AIO SUPREME Diapers (Warp & Weft)
  • Swim OS (Warp & Weft)
  • Swim SUPREME (Warp & Weft)
  • Medium Wet Bag (Warp & Weft)
  • Small Wet Bag (Warp & Weft)

Retailer List:

The following retailers will have Warp & Weft products, please check with individual stores for product availability.

LKC Warp & Weft Retailers


LKC Wallpaper FREE Downloads 


BONUS Downloads:

IPhone Wallpapers

  • Just right click or drag to "save image as" and set as your wallpaper

LKC Warp Cell Phone Download


Weft Iphone Download


IPad Wallpapers

  • Just right click or drag to "save image as" and set as your wallpaper


LKC Weft Ipad Wallpaper Download


LKC Warp Ipad Wallpaper Download

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