4 Quick Ideas for things to do on St. Patrick's Day when you're stuck inside with the Kids!

4 Quick Ideas for things to do on St. Patrick's Day when you're stuck inside with the Kids!

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☘️It's Tuesday!  AND it's St. Patrick's Day - Ho-ray!  Except, because of COVID-19, you are stuck at home with the kiddos with no where to go.  If you caught the presidential speech yesterday, you know that Americans were advised to stay away from crowds and to not gather anywhere with more than 10 people.  That means all the places moms usually hang out at are completely off limits, no library story times, no parks.  Before you pull your hair out, here are some quick ideas of things you can do with the kiddos at home to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

We've prepared a short, quick guide for you, complete with a mom annoyance level report, so you can know EXACTLY what you're getting into...


☘️St. Patty's Mom Annoyance Level Meter☘️

0-2                                  2-6                                6-10
Totally Cool👍          Somewhat Annoying🤪           Ughhhh😫


    1. Go through your closet (or their closet) find all of the green items and play dress up!

      • Mom annoyance level - 4 out of 10 🤪 (unless you are a clean freak, then it's a 7 out of 10 because of the clean up).
        • This activity should kill at least 45 minutes and it should be fun!  It can help little kids with recognizing colors and matching!

        2. Bake St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

          • Mom annoyance level - 2 out of 10 👌
            • Who doesn't like baking with kids?  Seriously, it's fun!  Yes, it can get a little messy, BUT think of all the great memories you're making with your kiddos?  This is a good one, I feel like instead of instilling fear of everything that's going on, you can focus on the little people in your life AND get your baking on!! Win-win!
            • This activity should kill about 1 hour or so!

            3. Make St. Patrick's Day Crafts

              • Mom annoyance level - 1 out of 10 👌
                • This is a very low maintenance, hands off activity for mom.  Set them up with non-toxic glue, some green scrap paper, rainbow stickers and you're good to go! 
                • This activity should kill about 30 min for kiddos with short attention spans and maybe more for kids who can concentrate.

              Girl Coloring Crafts at home St. Patty's kids


              4. Watch the Secret of Kells Movie

                • Mom annoyance level - 0 out of 10 👌
                  • This is a great activity after all of those listed above, why?  Because both mom and kid get to chill and munch on snacks while watching a cool St. Patty's movie you've probably not seen before.
                  • Make sure to get some snuggles on!
                  • This activity should kill 1:18 min.  Super win here!  


                Ok really, we know that you are going crazy and it's only been 2 days of no school  (at least in FL).  But remember this is going to last at lest a few weeks so hopefully you are hunkered down for the long run.  And I am going to drop this disclaimer here:  We know COVID-19 is serious, but we need a laugh every once in a while 😉, so enjoy and maybe have a green beer when the kids go to bed tonight! 


                Happy St. Patrick's Day!

                St. Patrick's Day What to do with Kids When you're stuck with COVID-19


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