Talk About it Thursday!  Custom Crib Sheets and Swaddles

Talk About it Thursday! Custom Crib Sheets and Swaddles

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Talk About it Thursday Video Recap!

Wondering what we've been up to? Update on production, *New* Factories and *NEW* products! 😍😘


🖤You can find all of the new products here:

🖤We will be choosing one random person who watched this broadcast to win a new blanket!

🖤For one of you guys that comment and shares this video to your page you will be entered to win one of our swaddle blankets!

🖤If you’d like to be notified when we go live, text #LIGHTHOUSEKIDS to 41-411

🖤Let’s talk about what’s been going on…

Swaddles Made in the USA

a. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes searching high and low for US factories that could help us with our goal of producing amazingly stretchy jersey swaddles that were made right here in the USA.
b. After a lot of searching we were able to secure not one but TWO factories, on in LA and one in Utah to produce our swaddles, custom made for YOU guys!
c. This opens up the door to so many opportunities for LKC to unleash our creative juices all over the place!
d. We are starting with custom baby and toddler bed crib sheets with matching swaddles and moving on to custom made swaddles.
e. If you would like to see an old print, contact and we can make an old print for you on a NEW swaddle 🤩

Custom Crib Sheet Baby's Name

Custom Crib Sheet Baby's Name Rainbow

Custom Crib Sheet Baby's Name Nude Sea Seashells

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