Honeycomb! The *NEW* LKC AIO Color!

It's been a long time coming...2018 was a crazy year for LKC, we were juggling a retail store for our sister company GreenPath Baby and managing all things Lighthouse Kids time.  We went to trade shows, met with factory managers in Germany and acquired new wholesale accounts.  2019 has come and things are finally falling into place, our warehouse is quiet and fantastic.  We all work with our headphones on and no interruptions.  After a hectic year it feels very tame.  For our first retailer-wide releases of 2019 we wanted to reflect this new year of change and (hopefully) calmness.  We decided we wanted a baby yellow to be our first solid color released because we believed this color would be soothing, sunny, and bright!  Enter Honeycomb.  This beautiful soft yellow features bright yellow snaps on the rise and side tabs and a combo of gray and yellow snaps on the waist.
This diaper means alot to the LKC team because it represents a bright future, for our families, for our personal growth, and for our businesses.  We are excited for all of the things to come.  We made Honeycomb in AIO and SUPREMES™️.  All participating retailers will have this color in stock and will release this diaper on January 22, 2019 at 12:00pm (Noon EST).  Here is a full list of participating retailers:
Lighthouse Kids Company Retailers Honeycomb AIO