Wish - A Collaboration with GreenPath Baby, Abby's Lane and Lighthouse Kids Company

Wish - A Collaboration with GreenPath Baby, Abby's Lane and Lighthouse Kids Company

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Back in October of last year, Stephanie Daniels from Abbie's Lane and the LKC team started chatting about a new idea we had for a diaper exclusive.  It would incorporate Summer nights, fireflies and Dandelions.  As we kept going through the design process, we noticed that the more we kept changing the design, the more we were focusing not on the fireflies as originally though, but on the Dandelions.  Dandelions are amazing flowers.  The grow just about anywhere and are able to grow in different regions and climates.  Stephanie decided she loved them and Dandelions became the front and center piece of LKC's Diaper Wish. 

Dandelions have very special meaning, because they are the official flower of the Military Child.  We know alot of our customers are either Military spouses or Military children themselves.  We wanted to make Wish to honor them and their sacrifice for this country.

Wish Military Child Cloth Diaper

Once Wish arrived in the LKC warehouse, we decided this gorgeous diaper needed to be release ASAP.  It wasn't enough though to release this diaper to honor all of the Military families, we also wanted to give back.  So Sephanie and the LKC team thought we would make a donation to Operation Homefront.  If you are part of the Military world, chances are you already know this amazing charity.  If not, Operation Homefront provides amazing care and assistance to Military families in all kinds of contexts, from loans, to utility bills and groceries.   You can check out all of their amazing work here.

Operation Homefront Cloth Diaper Charity Lighthouse Kids Company

The Wish Collection will release Friday 2/1/2019 at 12:00pm (Noon) EST only at greenpathbaby.com and at lighthousekidscompany.com.  This is a limited run collection and will include the following:

  • AIO Diapers - $22.99
  • Swim/Covers - $17.99
  • Medium Wet Bags - $16.99
  • Small Wet Bags - $14.99
  • Swaddles - $29-39
  • Bibdanas - $16.50
  • Crib Sheets - $60.00
  • 5-in-1 Multi Function Car Seat Cover $36.00

We hope you are able to score this amazing collaboration, we are excited to donate as much as we can to Operation Homefront!  Thanks for your support!

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