LKC + Jake's Diapers Donation

2018 was an incredible year for growth of LKC.  We saw so many amazing mamas coming into cloth diapering because of the ease of our AIO diapers.  Jake's Diapers become one of our retailers in early 2018, and though interacting with Stephanie we began a relationship with the organization that really made us look into their mission deeper.  We saw that Jake's Diapers was an awesome organization with a heart for helping others so we made our first donation in September 2018.



As a cloth diaper manufacturer we have access to so many diapers and accessories.  Our warehouse is FULL with things for baby that maybe needs a little love and Jake's Diapers was a great place to send them.  We reached out to Stephanie in early 2019 to set up a donation to government workers that were furloughed after hearing of the impact the US government shut down had on single parent families.  Stephanie loved the idea and so we put together care packages to send out to families in need.

LKC was able to donate hundreds of diapers, cover, wet bags, and change pads through Jake's Diapers.

Lighthouse Kids Company Jake's Diapers Donation


Partnering with an organization that aligns so closely with LKC's mission has been incredible.  We are so excited to be part of the solution for the incredible need for cloth diapers and other hygienic products.

Through partnering with Jake's Diapers we were able to do our part to help the very community we serve day in and out.  We are also extremely proud to have Jake's Diapers as a retailer for LKC AND to be featured in their "Business Buddy" page 😍.


Lighthouse Kids Company Diapers and Jake's Diapers Donation