Artist Bag Warranty

Artist Bag Warranty

Every Artist Bag comes with a 60 day limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.  We take great pride in designing and creating high quality bags that will look beautiful for years to come.  Our warranty covers items purchased through Lighthouse Kids Company's website or an authorized retailer.

*Please make sure to fill out this questionnaire to see if your claim qualifies for a warranty return or replacement.

What is covered by our warranty:

  • Hardware malfunction or defect that prevents the diaper bag from working properly.
  • Broken hardware.
  • Stitching defect that affects functionality (not cosmetic).
  • Misplaced tags/labels.

What is NOT covered by our warranty:

  • Wear and tear due to normal, proper use of product.
  • Accidents, spills, scratching, peeling, rubbing off of faux leather.
  • Defects created from self- or third-party repairs or alterations.

Who is covered under our warranty policy:

  • Original purchaser who purchased through Lighthouse Kids or an authorized retailer.

Who is NOT covered under our warranty policy:

  • Secondhand purchases.
  • Third party website purchasers (Poshmark, etc.)
  • Giveaway winners, any person who obtained the bag in a free manner.