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Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) Cloth Diapers

The durability of AWJ diapers makes it a practical choice for cloth diapers. It can withstand repeated washings without losing its effectiveness or shape, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Athletic Wicking Jersey cloth diapers are trimmer in profile, making them more similar to the fit of disposable diapers.

Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ)

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All About Athletic Wicking Jersey Cloth Diapers (AWJ)

The Athletic Wicking Jersey fabric effectively helps keep moisture away from baby's body and is breathable. This makes it an ideal choice for cloth diapers as it helps to keep the baby cool. Diapers made with Athletic Wicking Jersey are particularly suitable for hot climates or during the summer season. Additionally, this fabric ensures that babies feel dry while wearing cloth diapers made from AWJ.

Athletic Wicking Jersey material is extremely breathable, enabling adequate airflow around the baby's skin. The moisture-wicking characteristics of AWJ ensured that infants remained dryer for extended durations. This not only improved their comfort but also decreased the likelihood of diaper rash and other skin problems.

FAQ's About Athletic Wicking Jersey Cloth Diapers

AWJ Cloth Diaper Meaning

AWJ, also known as Athletic Wicking Jersey, is a type of polyester fabric commonly used in cloth diapers. AWJ lines the outer waterproof shell of the diaper and feels dry to the touch. Pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, and swim diapers contain Athletic Wicking Jersey. It provides a cool feel for baby and it is thinner than traditional diapering materials.

Why is Athletic Wicking Jersey Used in Cloth Diapers?
  • AWJ diapers are simple to wash, as the poop does not adhere to this fabric
  • Athletic Wicking Jersey diapers have a faster drying time
  • Athletic Wicking Jersey allows baby to move freely
  • Does not hold on to stink
  • Keeps baby cool and prevents diapers rashes
  • AWJ diapers are trim fitting.
  • It can withstand multiple washes without losing its shape and efficacy.
What type of cloth diapers have AWJ?

Pocket cloth diapers, All-In-One cloth diapers, Reusable Swim Diapers are all made with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ).

What is the best cloth diaper material? AWJ or Microfleece?

AWJ cloth diaper lining feels dry, and cool on baby's skin. It is also very easy to spray poop off the diaper. Microfleece is also stay-dry, however it feels very warm and it is not as breathable against baby's skin.

What Is Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) Made out of?

Athletic Wicking Jersey AWJ is made of man-made polyester knit material made by an American Company. The trade name is "CoolMax" it is commonly found in diapers as well as sports clothing. You can read more about AWJ fabric and cloth diapers here.

What Cloth Diaper Company First Used Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) in their cloth diapers?

In the US, Lighthouse Kids Company was the first to use AWJ in cloth diapers, 2017. In Canada, Funky Fluff (no longer operating) was the first to use Athletic Wicking Jersey.

How Do You Wash Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) Cloth Diapers?
  1. Remove poop/solids by using a diaper sprayer or diaper liners.
  2. Pre-Wash cold to get rid of any left over waste still on the diaper.
  3. Hot Wash (149F/65C) with detergent heavy duty cycle.
  4. Final Rinse cold to get rid of any detergent residue.
  5. Tumble dry low or hang dry.

For more details on how to wash AWJ cloth diapers check out this article.


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Pocket Diaper with AWJ

Absolutely love this adorable buggy print! Our favs are the pocket diapers, but no matter what style works for your family you won’t be disappointed— LKC cloth diapers are the best!

-Dolly O.


All-In-One with Athletic Wicking Jersey

We've cloth diapered three babies and LKC is hands down the most beautiful and highest quality brand we've used! I wish I had discovered them earlier in our journey.

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