Athletic Wicking Jersey - AWJ Cloth Diapers

Athletic Wicking Jersey - AWJ Cloth Diapers

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Modern cloth diapers have improved a lot over the years. One of the biggest changes is the use of athletic wicking jersey fabric. In this blog post, we will go into the history of AWJ and its impact on modern cloth diapers.

What is Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) made of?

Athletic Wicking Jersey is a man-made polyester knit developed by an American textile manufacturer. Also known by the trade name of "COOLMAX", AWJ is the perfect material for cloth diapers.


Benefits of AWJ

Moisture-wicking and quick drying

Athletic Wicking Jersey wicks moisture away from the body and allows heat to pass through. This makes it a perfect material for cloth diapers since it keeps the baby cool. Reusable diapers made with Athletic Wicking Jersey are the best type of cloth diapers for hot climates, or for summer.  It is also a stay-dry fabric, so babies feel dry when wearing cloth diapers made of AWJ.

AWJ Cloth Diapers reduce the likelihood of skin irritations or rashes.

Lightweight and breathable

Athletic Wicking Jersey fabric is highly breathable, allowing for proper air circulation around the baby's skin. The moisture-wicking properties of AWJ meant that babies stayed drier for longer periods. This enhanced their comfort and reduced the risk of diaper rash and other skin issues.

The introduction of AWJ diapers allowed for thinner, trimmer diaper designs

When compared to microfleece, this is a much trimmer material, resulting in a slimmer booty profile. These made cloth diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey are similar in size to disposable diapers, making them more appealing to parents.

Comfortable and easy to move in

Athletic Wicking Jersey is comfortable for babies to move in because the fabric stretches 50% in width. AWJ allows the baby to move freely without restrictions.


History Of Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) in cloth diapers

In the 1990s, athletic apparel manufacturers began using a revolutionary fabric called athletic wicking jersey (AWJ). They originally made Athletic Wicking Jersey for athletes. They needed a fabric that would stay dry and cool during physical exercise. Made from a mix of man-made fibers, like polyester and spandex this fabric helps keep moisture away.

Diaper companies historically made modern cloth diapers from materials such as cotton, micro or polar fleece. While these fabrics were stay-dry, they often felt hot and uncomfortable.


Around 2014, Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) made its debut in the cloth diaper industry. Funky Fluff, a Canadian brand, featured AWJ in their Pocket Cloth Diapers. Unfortunately, Funky Fluff went out of business permanently in 2018.

In the US, Lighthouse Kids Company was the first cloth diaper brand to feature Athletic Wicking Jersey in their cloth diapers. Our company chose AWJ because, in Florida, the intense heat was a major concern for parents using cloth diapers. We needed a material that kept the baby dry and felt cool.

Lighthouse Kids Company launched All-In-One Cloth Diapers with Athletic Wicking Jersey, swim diapers, and pocket cloth diapers. The release date for our AWJ diaper range was January 2017. Since then, Lighthouse Kids Company has been the leading Athletic Wicking Jersey brand of cloth diapers.

In addition to Athletic Wicking Jersey, Lighthouse Kids paired recycled TPU to make our cloth diapers even more breathable and cool.

Lighthouse Kids Co. Cloth Diaper Launch Day


Lighthouse Kids Co. Cloth Diaper Second Launch February 2017

What are the Pros of Athletic Wicking Jersey Cloth Diapers?

  • AWJ Pocket Cloth diapers are easy to clean, the poop does not stick to this material.
  • Athletic Wicking Jersey AIOs have a faster drying time since the lining is polyester based.
  • AWJ Swim diapers are safe for swimming because they don't retain water in the pool or at the beach.
  • Lighthouse Kids Company works exclusively with several ISR Swim Schools because of the safety of our diapers.
  • Athletic Wicking Jersey allows the baby to move freely without constraints.
  • Does not hold on to stink - perfect for cloth diapers.
  • AWJ keeps the baby cool.
  • AWJ diapers are trim fitting. As close to a disposable diaper as you can get with reusable cloth diapers.
  • Athletic Wicking Jersey prevents diaper rashes.
  • AWJ diapers are stain resistant. Our Peekaboo cloth diapers have the print inside so you don't see the stains!
  • the durability of the Athletic Wicking Jersey made it a practical choice for cloth diapers. It could withstand repeated washings without losing its effectiveness or shape, ensuring long-lasting performance.


What are the Cons of Athletic Wicking Jersey Cloth Diapers?

  • If your baby has a polyester allergy, Athletic Wicking Jersey is not suitable for them.
  • Not available in all types of cloth diapers such as cloth diaper covers, or fitted diapers.
  • Cloth diaper shops may have limited availability of Athletic Wicking Jersey diapers since they are popular.


Other Cloth Diaper Products Made with AWJ

Athletic Wicking Jersey is a great choice for cloth diapering parents. Some of the products Lighthouse Kids offers with AWJ are cloth diaper wipes and inserts with AWJ. These products are amazing because the same benefits you get from diapers, also apply to accessories.


Lighthouse Kids Company Products made with AWJ

The durability of AWJ made it a practical choice for cloth diapers. It could withstand repeated washings without losing its effectiveness or shape, ensuring long-lasting performance. This made cloth diapers with AWJ more similar in size and fit to disposable diapers, making them more appealing to parents.

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Vanessa Tomchik is the founder and CEO of Lighthouse Kids Company - an Award Winning cloth diaper brand made with the highest quality recycled materials and Voted Best Cloth Diaper Brand of 2021, 2022.  LKC has helped thousands of parents cloth diaper easily since 2017.  Vanessa is passionate about natural parenting and toxic-free products and is a certified babywearing instructor as well as a former cloth diaper instructor for the Real Diaper Association (2016-2017).  Connect with Vanessa on LinkedIn.  

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